Specializing in web design, pixel perfect front end development, Python, PHP and custom WordPress themes. Send me an to discuss your next project.

  • Visions West

    Visions West is a collection of twelve homesites, spread over 520 acres and nestled between Bozeman and Livingston, Montana. A place to build the home of your dreams on the ranch of your dreams. Bozeman design firm 45 Degrees North prepared beautiful designs that I took through the rest of development.

    My Role: Front-End Development, PHP, Flash

    Web Development for Visions West
  • Southview Design

    Southview Design is a high-end Twin Cities landscaping contractor. Designs were done by ArcStone Technologies. My involvement included SEO friendly development, ColdFusion and a Flash gallery to browse landscaping projects by service or price.

    My Role: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash

    Development and Flash for Southview Design
  • Meshbesher & Spence

    Minnesota personal injury attorneys Meshbesher & Spence teamed up with ArcStone to create a stunning new website that was professional, accessible and SEO conscious. I prepared all HTML and CSS templates, and assisted with PHP for the final product.

    My Role: Front-End Development

    Development Meshbesher & Spence
  • Aurora Alerts

    A personal project conceived, designed and developed in under a week. Visitors can enter an email address and "activity threshold" and will receive email notifications a week in advance of when aurora borealis activity is forecasted to be at or above their threshold.

    My Role: Design, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP

    Designed Design, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP for Aurora Alerts
  • BWCA Cover Design

    An advertisement-like cover designed for fun. The design was shared, along with a photo alubm, with 8 friends that attended a trip to the BWCA this year.

    My Role: Photography, Design, Photoshop

    Designed BWCA Cover Design
  • Holiday Expressions

    An animated 3D holiday card designed and developed for the 8thBridge holiday party. The animation cycles through a cluster of "expressions" to eventually end on the theme of the evening: Eat. Drink. Celebrate.

    My Role: Design, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

    Designed HTML5 Holiday Card Design
  • blog.nikrowell.com

    My personal blog set up simply to encourage myself to write more about photography, design, programming and life. A clean design and fully-responsive layout make for a pleasant reading experience on any device.

    My Role: Design, Front-End Development, WordPress

    Designed Custom WordPress Photography Theme
  • Grasslands Renewable Energy, LLC

    Grasslands Renewable Energy focuses on large-scale renewable energy development and use in North America. I prepared home page design concepts to better speak to their segmented audiences.

    My Role: Design

    Designed Web Design for Grasslands Grasslands Renewable Energy, LLC
  • Angel Gunderson Photography

    Angel Gunderson is an energetic, coffee drinking, baseball loving photographer. She thrives on stopping life at 1/100th of a second and taking back the simple, everyday moments that pass us by, through photographs. Stay tuned for the full version of www.angelgunderson.com.

    My Role: Design, Development

    Designed Design and Development for Angel Gunderson Photography
  • ArcStone Holiday Card

    A holiday card designed and developed in ActionScript 3. Just a note to tell our clients how much we appreciated their business. And a chance to make a snowing website.

    My Role: Design, Flash Development

    Designed Design and Flash Development for the ArcStone Holiday Card
  • Galleria

    Galleria is a collection of local shops, specialty stores and dining experiences in Edina, Minnesota. The very talented Jess Louwagie at ArcStone prepared these elegant designs. My involvement included front end development, a custom WordPress theme and Flash development for an interactive map of the stores.

    My Role: Front-End, Flash, WordPress Theme Development

    Front End and WordPress Development for Galleria
  • Nik Rowell Photography

    Designs for an HTML5 based photography portfolio. Currently in development.

    My Role: Photography, Design, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

    Designed Web Design and Development for Nik Rowell Photography
  • Hybrid Medical Animation

    "Pixar for the medical industry" is how I once referred to Hybrid. This extremely talented team creates illustrations and animations that tell stories and bring science and medicine to life. I enjoyed their demo reel more than I enjoyed Finding Nemo. Hybrid came to ArcStone with pixel perfect designs that I sliced and converted into a custom WordPress theme.

    My Role: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress Development

    WordPress Development for Hybrid Medical Animation
  • Nature Enhanced

    Nature Enhanced is the creative work of John E. Rowell. One-of-a-kind lamps, cribbage boards, custom frames, bulletin boards, wine racks. I prepared everything from tactile business cards, website design, PHP development, a simple admin area, product photography and even a customized online store using Big Cartel.

    My Role: Design, Photography, HTML, CSS, PHP

    Designed Design and Development for Nature Enhanced
  • ThinkOne Architects

    ThinkOne is an architectural and construction management firm located in Bozeman, Montana. I prepared redesign concepts of their current site for Bozeman design firm 45 Degrees North.

    My Role: Design

    Designed Design for ThinkOne Architects
  • Podcast Cover

    Destination Unknown is the official podcast from trancetream.fm. Mixed by Reb, co-founder and co-admin of the station. As a big fan of the mixes, I contacted Reb about doing the cover design for an episode.
    Miami Beaches is the result of that collaboration.

    My Role: Design

    Designed Podcast Cover Design
  • Bernatello's

    Bernatllo's is a Minnesota-based company manufacturing pizza and frozen products. In addition to the Bernatello's line, it is the parent brand to Bellatoria, Roma and Green Mill frozen pizzas. With ArcStone's design, my role on the project was front end, flash and WordPress theme development.

    My Role: Front-End Development, Custom WordPress Theme

    WordPress Development for Bernatello's
  • Nik's Angel

    This is a creative outlet showcasing photos I've taken of Angel Gunderson, and a chance to put Flash and JavaScript head-to-head with a contemporary design. Please note that this was simply an experiment, and was only tested in modern browsers on a fast computer.
    Visit at your own risk!

    My Role: Photography, Design, HTML5 and Flash

    Designed Design, HTML and Flash for Nik's Angel
  • Angel and Nik

    A single page wedding website designed and developed for my wedding. It includes a narrative of the proposal, wedding party bios, a lightbox photo gallery and a PHP, MySQL and AJAX driven guestbook.

    My Role: Design, Front-End Development, Programming

    Designed Angel and Nik
  • SIMA International, Inc

    SIMA helps compaines find the right people for their organization; offering recruiting, talent management and coaching. After slicing ArcStone's designs into HTML and CSS templates, I assisted with integration into a proprietary ColdFusion CMS.

    My Role: Front-End Development

    Front End Development for SIMA International
  • Aspen Springs

    Aspen Springs is a collection of homesites outside of Bozeman, Montana. Designed by 45 Degrees North and passed to me for development.

    My Role: HTML, CSS

    Front End Development for Aspen Springs
  • Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota

    Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota focuses on addressing the basic economic, educational, and health needs of refugees and immigrants statewide. I designed this site to be clean and easy to navigate, and partnered with Reed DeLapp to build out pages and populate them with content.

    My Role: Design, Front-End Development

    Designed Design and Development for Vietnamese Social Services of MN
  • Barrett Moving & Storage

    Minnesota Based Moving Company Barrett Moving & Storage has grown into an international leader in it's 100+ year history. Barrett engaged it's long time partner ArcStone Technologies to redesign their site with particular attention to search engine optimization. I created the HTML and CSS templates and assisted with PHP development to build out the site.

    My Role: Front-End Development

    Front End Development for Barrett Moving
  • Three Bear Lodge

    Three Bear Lodge is an award winning hotel just outside of Yellowstone National Park. 45 Degrees North prepared these stunning designs to capture the feel of the lodge, and I converted them into a custom WordPress theme.

    My Role: Front-End and WordPress Development

    WordPress Development for Three Bear Lodge
  • I Heart Processing

    Processing is an open source programming language used to create images, animations, and interactions. This is a processing sketch that draws 4 bezier curves, interpolates each one, and sends 1000 particles off along the curves, using Perlin noise to control their paths. This particular piece has over 35,000 views on Flickr and was featured in a Create Digital Motion article announcing Processing's move from Beta to the official Processing 1.0!

    My Role: Design and Programming

    Designed Programming in Processing
  • Pet Waste Professionals

    Pet Waste Professionals specialize in the safe, clean and environmentally conscious removal of dog waste from lawns and yards. I scooped up these fresh designs at ArcStone and converted them into HTML and CSS templates, with careful attention to SEO.

    My Role: Front-End Development

    Front End Development for Pet Waste Professionals
  • Trimline Building Products

    Designs for the overall Trimline Building Products website were done by ArcStone Technologies. In addition to the usual front end work, I was responsible for designing and developing the interactive roof designer. This Flash tool allowed prospective clients to customize the look of a house, and apply different colors from Trimline's Distinction Tile and Distinction Slate composite roofing product lines.

    My Role: Front-End, Flash Design and Development

    Designed Front End and Flash Development for Trimline Building Products
  • Eye-Link Foundation

    The Eye-Link Foundation provides adaptive technology and related training to Minnesotans who are blind or visually impaired. This site was built from start to finish during the Overnight Website Challenge and our team was a finalist among the 18 competitors. Timothy Embretson was our lead designer; my role was front end development, with careful attention to accessibility, and assisting with WordPress development. Particularly challenging tasks at 3:00 am.

    My Role: Front-End and WordPress Development

    Front End and WordPress Development for Eye-Link Foundation
  • 8thBridge Infographic

    An infographic showcasing how the 8thBridge ticketing storefront helped Transformers 3 leverage its Facebook fan base.

    My Role: Design

    Designed Inforgraphic Design
  • Faribault Foods

    Faribault Foods is a 100+ year old Minnesota company offering a variety of products from beans to beverages, under both prominent brands and private labels. Designs work was done by The Zimmerman Group, who teamed up with ArcStone for development. I handled all HTML, CSS and WordPress development.

    My Role: WordPress Custom Theme

    WordPress Development for Faribault Foods
  • Metal Mulisha Facebook Creative

    Metal Mulisha is one of several prominent brands licensed under the La Jolla Group. This design was used to promote an exclusive sale held only in their Facebook storefront.

    My Role: Design

    Designed Design for Metal Mulisha
  • tapQA

    tapQA is a software testing company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was responsible for all front end development and a custom WordPress theme for ArcStone's design.

    My Role: HTML, CSS, WordPress

    WordPress Development for tapQA
  • Montana Canvas

    Located north of Yellowstone National Park, Montana Canvas manufactures quality camping equipment and accessories. I handled all development for 45 Degrees North's design.

    My Role: Front-End Development

    Web Development for Montana Canvas
  • Marion Angelica Ceramics

    Marion Angelica is a talented, passionate ceramics artist. Her artist statements notes that "we humans are too often too busy to stop and celebrate the large and small events in life, which are, ironically, the very moments that give life meaning and beauty. I make work that both reminds, and hopefully entices, people to celebrate the beauty of living." I designed and developed this site to showcase, and hopefully sell, her beautiful work.

    My Role: Design and Development

    Designed Web Design and Development for Marion Angelica
  • Target Commercial Interiors

    Designed by Sussner Design in Minneapolis. I handled front end and Flash development, including an XML driven interactive case studies section.

    My Role: Flash Development

    Flash Development for Target Commercial Interiors
  • Community Consulting Group

    Community Consulting Group offers coaching, planning, facilitation and training services to community-based organizations, government agencies, and for-profit companies. I prepared a clean and professional redesign, and teamed up with Reed DeLapp in developing the site and populating it with content.

    My Role: Design and Development

    Designed Web Design and Development for Community Consulting Group
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